President Message


Dear Muslims of Maryland:


Approximately 15 years ago the Muslims of Maryland started working in the direction of recognizing and empowering Muslims. By the grace of Allah SWT, we have made significant progress in promoting our vision, but still a long way from achieving our goals. The local Muslim Councils have now expanded to several counties in Maryland including Anne Arundel, Frederick, Howard, Harford, Montgomery, Prince George’s, Baltimore and Greater Baltimore area. Additionally, we have assisted in the formation of Muslim Business and Professional Organizations and the Muslim Chamber of Commerce. Working together is necessary to empower Muslims of Maryland and we have seen so many grass root non-profit organizations now working across the state working not only for Muslims but community at large. Whether it is food drive for local food banks and needy people, health fair for sick and under privileged community at large, environmental stewardship, voter registration, candidate forums, legislative advocacy with our legislatures, involvement with PTA’s in schools or running for elected positions, these grass root efforts through local Muslim Councils are playing a vital role and are making a difference in our lives and Insha’Allah will secure our future in the United States of America.


The United Maryland Muslim Council (UMMC), an umbrella organization of Muslims is working closely with the Governor of Maryland and his staff to bridge the divide in the State of Maryland; while striving hard to bring qualified Muslims into policy making positions. The UMMC has become a role model for many other organizations focusing on empowering Muslims in Maryland. A few of the achievements are discussed below;


Over 50 appointments for Muslims have been secured in various important state and local Boards and Commissions in last 15 years.Formation of the Governor’s Commission on Middle Eastern American AffairsIftar Dinner at the Governor MansionRegular meetings with the Governor and his administration to discuss Muslim community issues including; safety, education, jobs, equal opportunities, and matters related to small businessesAppointment of Muslim as a Chair of Maryland Higher Education CommissionAppointment of Muslims in Governor’s cabinet and administration


These achievements only mark the beginning and are due to the blessing of Allah SWT, participation, support and contribution of Muslim community. Please continue your support for the future of our children in this country, that is our home now. Let us focus on the collective gains and stay away from individual gains, which have kept us from becoming a force. Your cooperation and participation is imperative for us to reap benefits in the future. Our youth are our future and I encourage youth to get involved with UMMC!


Rizwan Siddiqi, President
United Maryland Muslim Council